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1. Choose your apparel

  • This is done by clicking the "APPAREL" tab. Click the item you like. Use the scroll bar to see more items below the shirts
  • Once the item is chosen it goes into the designer for you to choose the items color.
  • Choose the items color on the top row, left of "Instructions".
  • The item will change colors as you choose the color you like.
  • You can rotate the item using the diffent images above the designer of the item you chose, This will enable you to put designs on the front, back and/or sleeve .

2. Choose your design

  • This is done by clicking the "DESIGNS" tab on the top row, right side.
  • Click on the design you want to see. It will automatically appear on the apparel you previously chose. You can make it small, large and put it exactly where you want the design on your item.
  • Next to the apparel are little boxes. This is where you choose the part of the item that you can pick what color. If there are 3 boxes, you can click on each box and make each part of the design a seperate color
  • Below the item towards the bottom are the different colors for the inks you can choose.
  • Click on another little box next to the item and choose another color.
  • The fewer different colors the less your item will cost.
  • You can choose what type of material and ink your design will consist of. For example choose "FLOCK" and the design will be designed using that raised soft fluffy material or you can choose "METALIC" for a shinny reflective design.
  • Have fun expermenting with the many choices

3. Add text

  • You can add text by clicking the "TEXT" tab on the top row, right side

4. Upload your own

  • You can upload your own design or picture. To do this click the "UPLOAD DESIGN" link on the bottom right, just above the $ amount.


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